“We were created for significance and one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us is the feeling that we don’t matter.” ~Angela Maiers

Each year we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and are acknowledged as a whole for our contributions in our students’ lives. While it’s important to recognize that our profession and the professionals we work with make a huge difference on a daily basis, the individual gets lost in the mix. This year, we chose to recognize the whole but to celebrate the individual because we all matter, everyday, in making this a better place for each other and our students.

Take a look to see how you matter to your colleagues.

World Language
I appreciate Wendy’s instructional leadership
I appreciate Dora’s professionalism
I appreciate Ellie’s flexibility
I appreciate Nancy’s kindness
I appreciate Steve’s positive attitude
Sarah – relentless support for global education and competence

I appreciate Steve Scott’s wisdom and empathy
Sue Haik – Takes fitness to another level and truly leads by example
Teri West – Strong female role model for all students both in and out of school
Dave Federico – I appreciate that Fed takes an interest in getting students involved in extracurricular activities.
Rick Delicato – I appreciate Rick’s interest in creating a new course for the department and expanding choices for students in health
Matt Anderson – I appreciates Mat’s kindness to the students at WHS

Anne – unabashed support for kids and issues that are often invisible
Mary – flexibility and grace in dealing with Ptech
Andrea – patience with the toughest of students
Erin – sense of humor in the classroom
Lauren – steadfast support of the classics
Lori – ability to relate literature to life
Ryan – leadership with The Barker
Melissa – ability to weave the arts into her instruction and assessment
Denise – the extensive time she puts into feedback for students
Erica – I appreciate the way Erica always makes decisions in DH based on what’s best for students.

Justin – lover of Biology, running, gardens and chickens
Jed – promotes love of the Earth and its environment
Julie – has passion for teaching and knowledge of the human body
Bonnie – is generous, charitable, fair and adaptable
Matt – brings Chemistry to life in his classroom
Meg – is enthusiastic about teaching and learning everyday
Lesley – helps kids make connections between science and life
Bill – makes physics PHUN
Stacey – shares science knowledge with kids of all ages
MJ Utley – for never letting the status quo rule the day (and for free farm fresh eggs.)

Tony Walsh… for making his students feel connected to him through humor.
Joe Fusaro… for making each student feel like someone cares about them at WHS.
Jay Fusco… for always being willing to try something new in his classroom.
Judie McCann… for her passion for European history (especially Napoleon).
Matt Nichols… for imparting upon his students the importance of certain skills needed in the workplace.
Jeri Muccio… for choosing to share her knowledge of law with students when she could be getting rich in legal practice.
Amanda Murphy… for helping all of us understand the right balance for the use of technology in the classroom.
Steve Servidio… for infecting his students with the passion of learning deeply about American history.
Chris Luppe… for making each and every student feel successful.
Mike Gleason… for innovating new ways for students to learn history and current events.
Marianne Mirando… for her passion for information literacy and her willingness to share  that with her colleagues and students.
Tony… sees the big picture, listens patiently, strives to be fair and is a good friend

Fine Arts
Chris – “Make It Happen Captain” – he’s a think-outside-the-box creator.
Tara – she has amazing attention to detail and is a ray of sunshine.
Sarah – “$ahMoney820” Music Maker Extraordinaire
John – A pleasure to work with.  Creative, Productive, and Inspirational.  Westerly’s own ​Leonardo da Vinci

Business and Tech
Melissa Stoehr – ​Goes above and beyond. “Our ​Editor in chief”
Ed Hathaway – Endless energy and time for his students. ​Our​ CEO of Business
Jamie Finkelstein – Never too busy to help a colleague. ​Everyone’s ​Che​f Extraordinaire.
Bart Cerra​ – ​Has a Big heart. Our real life MacGyver.
Tim McLellan – Dedication to his students and fellow teachers. ​P-​Tech Master
Dan McKenna – ​”Builds”​great learning opportunities for his students. ​He’s a ​”cut” above.
Tom Albamonti – He’s our go to guy​. ​Can be counted on at any time to help a colleague or student. The Video Master!
Laurie Fortier​ – ​Students learn everything they need to know in HER ​
pre-school​ class. ​
​Sue Wood – She’s a straight shooter and super supportive

Jen – smart, honest, direct and rational. I respect that Jen is not afraid to play Devil’s advocate, often offering another perspective for us all to ponder while making decisions.
Pina Alferio works hard to create countless hands on actives to better her student’s understanding.
Mark Furano is extremely engaging and brings his lessons to life.
Alyson Gordon always smiling and energetically brings real life into the classroom.
Chris Hamre is well read and dedicated to math education and its history.
Jean Larson has a great rapport with her students and creates lasting relationships.
Karen Livingston unselfishly works with her to students to help them bring results home for AP!  Her results are historic for WHS, every student passed the AP test.
Caitlin Maguire has the great ability to teach and reach ALL students with patience.
Sandy Strafach is tremendously involved with school activities.  She always volunteer’s and is a mentor for her students.
Gary Sylvia is able to bring his tremendous content knowledge to the classroom.
Anna Xu tirelessly spends hours and hours to fine tune her excellent work inside the classroom and with the Math Team.

Special Ed
Michelle Azzinaro and her team are truly dedicated to our student’s success by insuring their emotional needs, social skills, life skills and academics are met where each student’s needs to be
Nicole Giguere- empathetic
Meghan LeForte- determined
Donna Welch- Dedicated
Deb Deion- passionate
Lydia Ezerins- endearing
Liz Sanfilippo- enthusiastic
Aurelia DeAngelis- motherly- caring
Trecia Pimer- resourceful
Jane O’Leary- pragmatic
Aleta Okolicsanyi- persistent
Nancy O’Keefe- personable
Becky Frueh- devoted
Cynthia Costa- dedicated to ALL students
Scott Simone- focused
Terry Castagna- resilient
Jodi Waranis- compassionate
Patti Gallagher- mindful
Anita Rolin- dependable

Art – Your ability to connect in a meaningful way with students through your sense of humor.
Heidi – The care you take in meeting with each student to be sure their needs are being met.
Lisa – The support you give students not only academically but  socially as well.
Amy – I respect Amy as a colleague and will seek her out for her professional advice. She is a dedicated counselor, who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of counseling students





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